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I wanted to share these wedding photos, this was one of the first weddings that I ever photographed, when I first began photographing weddings in Hawaii, 8 years ago.  This wedding was just the couple, the officiant and myself, their wedding photographer.  I just love it when it's a small and intimate wedding like this where it is only the couple and/or a couple of family members. 

I loved the dynamic of this couple, they were both from Russia, and they had such a playful and cute interaction that I captured in their wedding photos.  And the bride was just beautiful I thought, her dress and veil, her happiness shows in her smiles!  My next wedding is in December in Grand Lake, and it will be just the couple and the bride's parents, I am excited that it will be another small wedding that I get to photograph, and of course I always love getting to photograph weddings in the mountains of Colorado, this will be my second wedding that I get to photograph in Grand Lake.  The next one after that will be in Black Hawk, Colorado, that will be my first wedding that I photograph there, and that will also be of just the couple. :)  My first wedding in the new year will be at Sapphire Point near Breckenridge and Frisco Colorado, and that will be another small and intimate wedding.  I met the bride and I am excited to get photos of her and her groom at Loveland Pass before the ceremony.  The following wedding will be in Vail, Colorado, at Larkspur Dining and Events, and I don't know what the bride looks like as I haven't met her yet, but that will be my biggest wedding yet, for 8 hours.  And then I will have another wedding in February in Loveland.  I am getting to do weddings in various locations in Colorado throughout the winter, more weddings than I ever expected in the winter time.  Colorado must be a popular winter wedding destination spot.  Lucky me!!  And back to the wedding photos, one of my first few weddings that I photographed at Kikaua Point in Hawaii... :)




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