Welcome to Tuberose Photography!  I am Shannon and I have had the joy of photographing weddings over the past 9 years; I realized my love for photographing couples and weddings when I returned to the Big Island of Hawaii where I was born and raised, and now I feel very lucky to be so close to the beautiful mountains of Colorado, where I reside with my love here in Denver.  I love capturing love, and most of all the candid and raw moments that make you realize even more just how much you really love each other when you get to see the photos from that day.



Shannon Shively
[email protected]



P.S.  In case you were wondering where Tuberose Photography comes from, I mentioned I was born and raised in Hawaii, and Tuberose is the name of a flower that is grown there (and some  other tropical climates of the world I believe too...), and the smell of the Tuberose flower is one of my favorite.