Tuberose Photography LLC | Unique colorado wedding venues/locations by rivers or mountains


How would you like to get married somewhere unique in the beautiful mountains of Colorado, somewhere no one or few has ever gotten married?  My partner and I (this is Lee and I above in the photo, in front of the Dallas Divide) spent parts of the summer of 2017 traveling throughout the mountains of Colorado in his camper, and with our cat named Snickers!  It is an adventurous and fun way to travel with pets!  We saw some beautiful parts of Colorado on our travels, and I love photographing weddings, so I thought, why not share these beautiful and unique locations with couples who want to get married in a unique location in the mountains of Colorado.  Please contact me if you would like more specific information on any of the locations below.  My partner and I are happy to provide transportation (as well as a bottle of champagne and glasses to have at the ceremony) for any couple to the wedding site location as well, and we also have an airbnb that you could stay in as well if you need a place to stay in Denver (we are located in Denver, and are happy to take you to any location in Colorado that you would like to get married at!).  

Colorado Mountain Elopement packages for any of the locations below starting at $1,500 (includes 2-4 hours of wedding day coverage, as well as transportation to the wedding site), please email me at for more information. 


1.  Crested Butte favorite 1 - we can take you to this exact location, with beautiful mountains and aspens trees surrounding you, and a river running below, to get married in Crested Butte, Colorado!  Hardly any one around, this was in June of 2017, there is snow on the mountains even in the middle of summer!  Out of all the places I have visited, I would say Crested Butte is one of the most beautiful locations in Colorado and even the world, to get married.  (Crested Butte is about 5 hours one way from Denver, Colorado).



2.  Crested Butte favorite 2 -  This was also another secret place we discovered in our travels around Crested Butte in Colorado.  With a beautiful backdrop high up in the mountains, you feel like you are on top of the world!  And yes those are aspen trees you see there in the photo.  This would be an amazing spot for wedding photos with the beautiful mountains in the background and hardly any one around (just a few people camping).  You will truly feel on top of the world on your wedding day at this location!  There is a river running nearby, and also rivers that we could stop at along the way for photos!  



3.  Dallas Creek Divide - Another one of our favorite spots we camped at in Colorado, just past Ridgeway, in the Dallas Creek Divide in Colorado.  There is a creek that runs along the tree line too!  There is even a beautiful hike to a lake up the road, and we could get photos at the creek up the road as well!  (the Dallas Divide is about a 6 to 7 hour drive from Denver, Colorado).



4.  A campground in Telluride, Colorado - this is one of my favorite campgrounds I have ever been to!  We can tell you the best time to go if you want to see the aspen trees yellow in their prime like in the photo above (in the fall), and we know the best site number at this particular campsite to reserve so that you can just walk up a little hill from the site and have your own private sweeping view of mountains and trees.  I will say that when I saw this place, I thought wow this would be an amazing place to get married!  My boyfriend and I aren't married yet, but when we do, this would be one of the places that I would highly consider.  It is private and quiet, no people around, and just absolutely stunning views, you only see trees and mountains!  It's unbelievable that this location and these views are just a 1 minute walk up the hill from this particular site.  (this campground in Telluride is about a 6-7 hour drive from Denver, Colorado).